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5 Digital Conference Tips In 2022

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Let’s talk about five ways to use technology at live events to make them brighter, more convenient, and more useful for participants. These hacks are also helping the organizers of CIO events to increase the number of online participants at their events.

Expanding The Physical Space Of The Event

One of the important differences between face-to-face and virtual conferences is the ability to complement the impressions of the event with impressions of the host city. Now, after two years of restrictions, participants have only begun to appreciate this opportunity more. 

The location of the conference becomes an important factor for the participants and an argument in favor of the live format. And the organizers, who grasped this trend in time, are ready to help get not only benefit from the trip but also pleasure.

Add information about attractions, restaurants, and cafes near the conference site, the schedule of local exhibitions and concerts on the days of the event, a short city guide or a quest walk to unusual places to the conference mobile application. Participants will certainly appreciate such care.

Communities Of Members

People willingly gather in interest groups. So help them do it conveniently and efficiently! Create themed social spaces and make them stand out with color accents. A mobile application will help to gather the right people in the right place.

Create virtual groups and themed news feeds and tell participants how to use them. Or send a push notification “Discussing new industry trends in networking zone #1” during the break. Support the communities formed at the event for some time after the event so that the participants do not lose touch with each other.

Instant Response

We are used to the fact that in Zoom you can evaluate the words of the speaker, and collect reactions to his speech or individual theses. But such an opportunity is also available offline. The speaker can address the audience with a question, collect opinions, show them on the big screen and immediately analyze the reactions of the audience. It is even possible to build a report based on such interaction, which will be very vivid and will be deposited in the memory of the listeners.

Care At Your Fingertips

As a rule, an off-site intra-corporate conference or a meeting of dealers and partners begins long before the official opening. And the first impressions of the participants from the event are formed much earlier.

Usually, the transfer becomes the first contact. Organizers need to provide transportation to the event venue so that attendees arrive relaxed, happy, and looking forward to a great experience.

If you use the application for the conference, upload a map of the route, data about the driver who will meet you at the airport, electronic tickets, and information about hotel reservations to your personal account.

Long-Term Events

A conference for a few hours or a strategy session for a couple of days? Why not try for a whole month? Longtime events are good because you have time to warm up the participants and prepare them for X Day.

Submit topics of reports and previous speeches of speakers, launch challenges and hold small contests, and announce interactive zones. Lots of options! For attendees, the event will start long before they hit the venue, so you’ll get active and engaged attendees.

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