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5 Backyard Patio Ideas

by John

Your backyard should be your very own outdoor oasis. It’s a space where you get to enjoy the relaxation of nature, all just steps away from your living room! A backyard is also the perfect place to entertain, and invite loved ones over to make memories that will last a lifetime. If you’ve newly moved into a home with a backyard, you’re probably wondering the best way to furnish it, and make it comfortable, yet stylish. Alternatively, you could have a fully furnished backyard space, but you’re looking to revamp to fit your current tastes. Either way, read on for some of the most exciting ways that you can update your backyard patio space today. 

Keep Bugs Out, and Let Cool Air In

One of the biggest struggles of having a backyard is wanting to enjoy the cool air of the outdoors without letting bugs in. The best way to avoid this is by installing a magnetic mesh screen door, so you can leave your door open but still have a barrier between your home and the elements. Plus, it’s easy to install a magnetic mesh screen door: simply adhere the panels of the magnetic mesh screen door to the top of your backyard door frame, secure them using loop tape or thumbtacks, and you’ll be ready to go! 

On top of how easy it is to install, magnetic mesh screen doors open and close easily thanks to a strip of magnets located on the inner flaps of the door. That way, you can exit and enter through your magnetic screen door without having to worry about opening and shutting your actual backyard door, or accidentally locking yourself out. Plus, magnetic mesh screen doors are made of heavy duty mesh, so they’ll be able to stand up to tough weather, and you can enjoy your patio in any season. 

Time to Get Grilling

Every great backyard needs an equally great grill! A grill is the perfect centerpiece for your backyard, as you can use it to cook up delicious food while entertaining friends and family in your patio space. When looking for the ideal grill for your backyard, you’ll want to consider the amount of space that you have to work with. If you’ve got a limited amount of backyard square footage, it might be best to opt for a smaller single burner charcoal grill that won’t take up too much room. However, if you’ve got a larger backyard, you might want to get a grill that’s more substantial, perhaps with a secondary burner. Alternatively, if you’ve got a good sized budget for your backyard decor plans, you could even look into a built-in grill island so you have room to both prep and cook your food outside. 

Go for an Elevated Furniture Approach

Just because it’s an outdoor space, doesn’t mean that your backyard can’t be elegant! If you’re looking to elevate the look of your backyard, opt for statement furniture pieces that speak to your style. For instance, you could get a luxurious outdoor chaise longue in a vibrant floral pattern to really set your backyard apart from others. Or, if you’re looking to have ample space for visitors to sit, you could opt for a big, bold wicker sofa with enough room to fit everyone you plan to entertain in your beautiful backyard. 

About Time for a Hot Tub

If you’ve got room in your backyard for a hot tub, you won’t regret getting one! As with looking for the right grill, be sure to consider the square footage of your outdoor space before picking out a hot tub. You’ll also want to make sure you’ll be able to easily hook it up to a water and power source. Once you’ve confirmed that the hot tub you’ve picked out will fit in your space, it’s time to install it, and say hello to everyday relaxation!

Get Your Gardening On

If you’ve got room in your backyard, consider installing a small garden plot where you can grow your own vegetables. Don’t worry if you’ve never had a green thumb: gardening is a process of trial and error, and one you’re sure to get the hang of after a few attempts. Plus, gardening is a great excuse to spend even more time in your beloved backyard!

In Conclusion

When decorating your backyard, you want to make sure that you invest in pieces that suit your style, and enhance the comfort of your patio space. Install a magnetic mesh screen door for easy access that keeps bugs out, invest in a good grill and furniture to craft the perfect outdoor entertaining space, get a hot tub for an added dose of relaxation, and consider making a gardening plot to try out a new skill. However you choose to design your backyard, you’ll love having an outdoor space that’s oh-so you. 

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