4 key benefits you can get from x-ray inspection in pcb

With the progress in the latest technology, the manufacturers are providing more elements in the x-ray machines. Therefore, you are now getting a more sophisticated version of x-ray machines that has multiple key components. You can run an x-ray inspection in pcb to make sure your machine is working properly with all the measures. 

Nowadays, the size of the components and parts of the x-ray machines is decreasing. In simple words, you can find more layered components in small-sized parts in your x-ray machines. However, you have to ensure that all the layers are fitted properly in the machine to work efficiently. This inspection process will check all the components clearly.

Mainly, PCB inspection is a detailed process and it will detect errors in your x-ray machine, if any, through the following components; 

  • Detector: this part of the machine is connected to the main machine which is used to collect x-ray photons and later on convert the photons into images.
  • Tube: this part is the main element of the x-ray machine and it generates x-ray photons. 
  • Platform: this is not formally part of the machine but it helps to rotate the tube and reach each corner where the image is required.

Added to this, you can see various approaches to taking x-ray images available in the market like 2D, 3D, and so on. But all the machines work in the same way therefore you can run a PCB checking process to detect all the errors in these x-ray machines. 

  1. Faults in landing pattern detection 

Most often, you can detect faults in landing patterns of the x-ray machine. You can detect it when all the components of SMD are not arranged properly. Therefore, it can create issues in the x-ray process, especially in taking images. However, you can avoid it easily if you run the PCB inspection process in the x-ray machine.

  • The process of detecting the landing pattern issues can be critical as it is sometimes very hard. Even a visual inspection can find nothing from the x-ray machine. Therefore, you need a proper PCB machine to detect this error. 
  • After finding the error in the landing machine you can initiate the process of repair against it. Therefore, you can move the x-ray tube anywhere you want to take samples. 

Change position of capacitors 

As you know decoupling capacitors are fixed in the power channel of the x-ray machines, therefore, if these components create any error in the machine then the entire process of x-ray working will not work. This is not a function of the x-ray machine, rather it is related to power consumption and machine use.

  • If you have noticed these capacitors are placed parallel to the power unit of the x-ray machine. Therefore, if you have placed these components in the wrong areas of your machine then it can show you errors in the workings. 
  • To fix these errors, you have to place these capacitors in their accurate areas, near the power supply. Remember that, visual tracing the error is near impossible in this case. Thus, you need a PCB inspection to trace this error part.
  • After detecting the areas, you can easily work with your x-ray machine without thinking. You can smooth the power supply system in your x-ray machine with this inspection. 

Observe solder voids 

For any eclectic appliance, efficient soldering is needed for a smooth flow of functioning. You can run your machine efficiently if the soldering system is done accurately. Added to this, a strong soldering system can efficiently handle your machine. Thus, the PCB inspection method will trace all the areas where soldering has been done in your machine.

  • You can trace the areas where the low connection is happening due to low soldering with the efficient PCB inspection process. You can trace many components other than the soldering using the same inspecting procedure.
  • You have to check during the process of installation of the PCB inspection machine. You can detect loose connections at that time also in your x-ray machine. 

Easily track pin-hole fills 

If your x-ray machine emits excessive heat during the process then it might have some pin holes. These holes are generally created on these machines to bypass excessive heat during the operation. These holes are made to emit gas and vapor also thus sometimes these holes may clout. 

  • An efficient PCB inspection machine can detect any clout in the pinholes and give you hints to clear the holes. Sometimes it becomes difficult to trace where the pin holes are located. Thus, these machines will also trace that. 

Before you run an inspection process, you have to know the components of your x-ray machines properly. If you are approaching the PCB inspection then it will trace the inner layers of your machine. Thus you have to know the components very well. 

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