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4 Easy Steps to Get Covered Under Obamacare Insurance Plans

by Asim Khan


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 are called “Obamacare.” This strategy aimed to cut expenses for people who couldn’t pay.

According to the Affordable Care Act, health insurance providers must include specific levels of coverage with each plan. Americans were once forced to get health insurance, just like drivers are required to have auto insurance.

However, the federal government no longer mandates health insurance as of 2019. It’s crucial to find out that the current obligation depends on where you reside because certain states can still demand it.

Obamacare: An Example and Definition

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or Obamacare Insurance Plans is called Obamacare (ACA). Most people mistakenly believe that it just impacts health insurance, but it has also altered how the US provides healthcare as a whole. 

Critics of the previous president’s attempts to reform healthcare first came up with the phrase “Obamacare,” but it has now been widely used.

The ACA has significantly altered numerous people’s ability to obtain medical treatment. For instance, before the ACA, insurance providers could not exclude customers with pre-existing diseases.

Obamacare’s Operation

The main objective of the Obamacare Insurance Plans, also known as ACA, was to reduce the rate at which healthcare costs were growing by implementing measures to increase the accessibility and affordability of health insurance for those who most needed it. Everyone had to get health insurance or pay a tax penalty under the law. However, that requirement expired in 2019. 

Types of Obamacare Insurance Plans

Under the Affordable Care Act, there are many Obamacare Insurance Plans. Your coverage may change depending on the amount of coverage you choose under Obamacare. The plans are often broken down into four distinct layers.

  • Compared to other tiers, the bronze level often has a smaller deductible but offers less coverage.
  • Generally speaking, the silver tier is thought to have reasonable expenses, including a smaller deductible.
  • The monthly premiums for plans in the gold tier are often more significant, but the deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses are typically lower.
  • The highest monthly premiums are often found in platinum plans, which also have the lowest deductibles and care expenses.

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How to get covered under Obamacare Insurance Plans

Through the Health Insurance Marketplace, you may apply for health insurance, evaluate all of your alternatives, and enroll in a plan with a straightforward application. You may complete your application and view your potential healthcare alternatives once open enrollment starts.

1. Sign up for a profile

Don’t forget to start with the fundamentals. To add an extra layer of security, select a username, password, and security question.

2. Obtain coverage through the marketplace

Enter details about you and your families, such as your income and household size. Use this checklist to assist you in gathering the data you’ll need right away.

3. Decide a strategy

The next step is to review all the health insurance plans and programs for which you are qualified. Additionally, you’ll learn if you qualify for cheaper Marketplace insurance.

4. Enroll

Select a health insurance strategy that suits your requirements, then sign up! Every state has staff qualified to assist you in understanding your health coverage options and enrolling in a plan if you need assistance with your Marketplace application.


There are various methods to apply for coverage if you don’t already have it through your job or Medicare. You can apply yourself through truecoverage.com if you feel confident conducting the research and comparing plans on your own. You can find out if you’re qualified for Medicaid and CHIP by visiting the federal website.

A marketplace assistance counselor, navigator, or broker can be consulted if you need assistance selecting a plan or submitting an application. The services of each of these people are all free. However, to be eligible for premium tax credits, you must purchase health insurance through either the federal exchange or your state’s exchange (or at all).

Finally, be sure to purchase insurance during the yearly open enrollment period. It’s your most excellent chance to get reasonably priced, all-inclusive insurance.

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