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3 Types of Special Purpose Vinyl Tarps Every Homeowner Should Know

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Modern-day waterproof tarps are remarkably strong items. They come laminated with PVC layers, coated with waterproof linings, and tempered with vinyl. All these ingredients combine to create heavy-duty vinyl tarps. A vinyl tarp will last you for decades.

Its high strength will come in handy in all types of situations – from intense construction sites to stormy campsites. Since vinyl tarps can withstand decades of harsh conditions like rain, heat, or stone-cold temperatures, they’re used everywhere by everyone.

  • Construction workers use vinyl tarps as temporary awnings or curtains at their worksites.
  • Industrial workers use heavy-duty vinyl tarps to cover sensitive or hazardous materials, equipment, etc.
  • Truckers use heavy-duty vinyl tarps as truck bed covers
  • In heavy storms, homeowners use different types of vinyl tarps as roof leak diverters and wind-blocking tools.

Unlike old-school mesh or plastic tarps, vinyl tarps have significantly higher abrasion resistance. That’s why even naval engineers use them as windscreens, marine covers, or divider curtains. Of course, the average homeowner won’t use his/her tarp for such high-duty purposes.

But, because of their tough nature and their shockingly low costs, tarps are must-have items for all households. Here are three special-purpose tarps that all homeowners should own –

UV-Resistant Waterproof Tarps

Every year, 3.3+ million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer. You never know when you, your car, or your house itself will be subjected to long periods of intense sunlight. So, having tools that can restrict harmful UV rays of the sun is very important.

UV-treated vinyl tarps are designed to shield these damaging UV rays from your skin or your property –

  • Parked your car on a bright sunny day? Cover it up with a vinyl-laminated tarp before the UV rays destroy your car’s paint.
  • Camping outdoors in the middle of the day? Carry vinyl tarps and use them to build makeshift, sunlight-free shelters.
  • Applied a new coat of paint to your home’s exterior regions? Cover these regions with vinyl tarps before adding UV-resistant coatings to your paint.

The fact that UV-resistant tarps made of vinyl are also waterproof, tear-resistant, and mildew resistant makes them even more desirable. All homeowners must have these useful tarps in their collections.

Flame-Retardant Tarps

Vinyl laminated tarps can be treated with special chemicals and made fire-resistant. Of course, vinyl tarps, like all tarps will catch on fire if you light them up using lighters. But the rate of burning is very slow in these tarps.

18 oz., flame-retardant vinyl tarps can be useful in many situations –

  • Cover up sensitive equipment with these tarps to avoid fire hazards.
  • Use these tarps as agricultural covers on hot days.
  • Use them to cover floors, roofs, and other structures that may be prone to fire-related accidents.

Truck Waterproof Tarps

These heavy-duty, waterproof tarps offer the ultimate cargo protection. Moving homes? Sending valuable items to another side of the country? Carrying expensive equipment to your workplace? Storing these heavy items in a truck and then tarping your truck will guarantee your products’ safety.

If you don’t own these three special-purpose tarps, buy them now!

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