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3 Techniques for Diagnosis Using Chemiluminescent Assay

by Uneeb Khan

Wondfo provides chemistry analyzers for various applications, including emergency therapy, diabetes glucose testing, and liver function analysis. Let’s look at how chemiluminescent assay can be used for diagnosis.

3 ways to use chemiluminescent assay for diagnosis

Clinical chemiluminescent assay frequently uses the following techniques to determine the chemical concentrations in bodily fluids:

1. Colorimetry: This technique assesses how well a chemical in a sample absorbs light. The chemical content in the sample is inversely correlated with the absorbance.

2. Electrolysis: This technique creates chemical processes that yield quantifiable by-products using an electric current. The ratio of the reactant concentrations to the products is linear (i.e., the chemicals being measured).

3. Fluorescence polarization: Using polarized light to illuminate a fluorescing molecule in a sample, this technique calculates the amount of light dispersed. The scattering is inversely proportional to the molecule concentration in the sample.

Chemiluminescence in today’s world

Chemiluminescence technology is increasingly used in the modern world to quantify a wide range of substances. It has many applications, including research, disease, and tumor detection. The chemiluminescence detector is a very advanced instrument that uses chemiluminescence to determine the concentration of an analyte. It has many advantages over traditional methods, such as faster reaction time, improved accuracy, and shorter measurement time.


Chemiluminescent assays are an important technology for scientists and clinicians in immunology. Wondfo now offers three analyzer types: the Accre 6, Accre 8, and Accre 90. if you are unsure how to choose, please get in touch with Wondfo for assistance.

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