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3 Reasons to Invest in New Business Signage

by Zain Ali

Running a small business can often feel like navigating the high seas on a rickety ship. Your sails might be flapping in the wind, your crew’s morale could dip at times, and the treasure chest of profits may seem elusive. But what if we told you there was one magical tool, nay, treasure map, that could steer your ship towards sunny shores? The answer isn’t buried gold. It’s your business’s signage!

Reason 1: Enhancing Brand Visibility

What’s the first thing you do when lost at sea? Look for a lighthouse, of course. Much like a lighthouse beckoning lost sailors, your business signage should be the guiding light for your potential customers. Dull, outdated signage is like a flickering bulb in a storm; it’s not doing much to draw people in.

Consider this—studies show that almost 76% of customers enter a store they have never visited before simply because of its signage. That’s a lot of lost customers if your sign isn’t out there shining like a beacon. And, if it’s a stormy night (a crowded market), a clear, professional sign from Icon Signs is the only thing that can cut through the weather and pull people in. Your signage’s design is also vital. Imagine the unassuming ship in the bay—everyone looks because it’s spectacularly painted. Your sign’s design is that paint job. It should not merely be legible but delightful, standing out against the competing distractions of the day-to-day streetscape.

Reason 2: Creating a Memorable Impression

A great sign does more than just attract; it ingrains. It’s the treasure map in the bloodstream that leads customers back to you time and time again. Perhaps your ship has a particularly unique flag. Well, your signage should be a flagship of sorts, the very best of your business on display.

Incorporating branding elements such as logos, slogans, and brand colours into your signage merges the digital and physical shopping experiences seamlessly. It reminds people that your business is distinct—a black spot among a sea of white. Make your sign the image customers see when they close their eyes and think of their ideal shopping destination.

Reason 3: Boosting Foot Traffic and Sales

You’ve lured them in with charm, now to get them to the treasure. A great sign not only brings them to your door, it compels them to step inside. Effective, well-placed signage doesn’t just direct foot traffic—it corrals it. The classic ‘follow the leader’ game everyone plays as children is a great metaphor for signage. Your sign is the leader, and the foot traffic it directs is the throng of excited customers about to walk through your door.

And once they’re in, sales become a breeze. Around 68% of consumers believe that a business’s signage reflects the quality of its products or services. The treasure is in the trust, and your signage is the first step in establishing that trust. 

Raise your anchor, and your sign, and join the ranks of businesses that have seen their traffic and sales surge. Be the star of the sea of commerce with a sign that shines brighter and directs more reliably. After all, in the adventures of business, your sign should be your map to success.

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